How We Create Videos

We have a proven, iterative process that we follow here at ExplainerStudio to make effective business videos that work for you. Here is a quick overview of what our video creation process is like.


We ask you exactly what your business needs for its video. We talk to you. We take the time to understand your business, your customers, your message. We try to think and feel like your customers. This helps us speak their language. We recommend. We make a plan.

Script, Storyboard & Style Treatment

Next, we write the script for your video with careful attention to structure, goals, and, of course, explaining your business. We also show you a mockup of what the end result will look like.

Video Production

In the “Create” phase we bring your video to life by turning the storyboard into the first version. Then, after we get your feedback, we incrementally improve the video to make sure that everything works.

Voice Narration

At this point, once the visual part of the video has been finalized, we get the voice narration. We then integrate and synchronize the voice with the visuals to create the finished video.

Tell us about the video you have in mind.

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